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Service commitment

Commitment on Product Quality:

1 the manufacturing process and detection of the product have quality record and inspection data;

2 for the detection of the product performance, we sincerely welcome you to visit the company to the whole process of the product, the full performance inspection, the product is confirmed after the delivery of the packaging.

Commitment on Price:

1 in order to guarantee the high reliability and the advanced nature of the product, the selection of the system selects domestic or international quality famous brand products;

2 in the same competitive conditions, we do not reduce the product technical performance, to change the product components for the basis of the price, in good faith with the most favorable price to you.

Commitment on Delivery:

Product delivery time: according to user requirements as the first, if you have special requirements, need to finish the work ahead of time, my company can organize special production, installation, and strive to meet the needs of users.

Commitment on Service:

1 service mission: quick, decisive, accurate, thoughtful, thorough;

2 service target: service quality wins customer satisfaction;

3 service principle: if the quality of the abnormal or customer complaints, the company will be based on customer first principle, timely communication and proper handling. 

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